Allies’ North Korean War Plans hacked

Allies’ North Korean War Plans were hacked by Pyongyang, a lawmaker said on Tuesday.

The North Korean war plans included classified military documents, including a joint South Korea-US wartime operational plans for a conflict by Pyongyang.

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We saw the news on the Finacial Times, where Lee Cheol-hee, a lawmaker with the ruling Democratic party, said that hackers broke into a defence data center in September and stole sensitive documents about Allies’ North Korean war plans.

According to Mr. Lee, 235 gigabytes of data has been stolen, with 80% of these documents still to be identified.

Special forces plans, key military facilities and power plants, they are all in the stolen documents.

This is happening as US President Donald Trump appears to be escalating tensions between US and North Korea.

This is going to be an interesting week after last week was crowned with the news of Disqus hack.

Mohamad El Hout, MBA, M.Eng., CISSP

Mohamad is an entrepreneur and a Senior Security Consultant dealing with the design and delivery of standard and complex security gateway solutions, covering a wide range of cutting edge technologies. His interests include business, technology, leadership, sports, and the continuous pursuit of knowledge.

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