Microsoft Employee Installs Chrome After Edge Kept Crashing on Him

A Microsoft employee had to use Chrome during an Azure demo when his company’s own internet browser, Edge, kept crashing on him.

The funniest part was that the presentation was recorded and uploaded to Youtube by none other Microsoft itself.

The presentation (below) was meant to show potential customers how to migrate their applications and data to Microsoft’s cloud service, Azure.

The employee even remarked jokingly that he will opt-out of helping making Google better when Chrome prompted him to select whether or not he wanted to share browser data and usage stats with Google.

There is a wide-spread joke online that Internet Explorer is the “best browser to download Google Chrome”, and it looks like Edge is following its successors footsteps. And now, “Microsoft Employee Installs Chrome” is a trending topic!

Here at Security News, we find this misfortune funnier than our previous post, Emergency alert interrupting California TV broadcast, where a “technical error” alerted Orange county residents to an Alien attack.

Mohamad El Hout, MBA, M.Eng., CISSP

Mohamad is an entrepreneur and a Senior Security Consultant dealing with the design and delivery of standard and complex security gateway solutions, covering a wide range of cutting edge technologies. His interests include business, technology, leadership, sports, and the continuous pursuit of knowledge.

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